Why an MBA Remains the Gold-Standard in Business

Why an MBA Remains the Gold-Standard in Business

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) continues to be the gold standard in business education. The benefits of MBA online programs are numerous and broad and will fuel your current career to a new and improved level. Through interactive learning methods, such as lectures, discussion forums, webinars, team projects, and case studies students are able to develop problem-solving skills and gain insight into real-world business complexities. The world of business is ever changing and an MBA will prepare you for challenges you may come across in the future. 

What are the Benefits of Receiving an Online Degree in Business?

First, an online MBA provides the student with the benefit of flexibility. Students can access course lectures from their preferred learning environment. This is appealing to those who are already in the workforce and have to balance a busy schedule. The online MBA style of learning is advantageous for those who prefer more autonomy in their education journey. 

The flexibility of gaining an MBA online is not limited to convenience. Accessibility and cost are important factors, too. By allowing individuals from locations in any geographic area, there is no need for relocation. Therefore, cost savings further contribute to the appeal of MBA online with reduced expenses, such as commuting or housing. 

An online MBA gives an individual the opportunity to study while pursuing an online degree in business. Having the opportunity to work simultaneously allows an individual to offset the cost of tuition with income from the jobs, making the overall financial burden less stressful.

Practical Life Skills an MBA Provides an Individual

The specifics of a online MBA program can differ across institutions, but they generally share common features. Below are three major life skills an MBA online can provide.


While it may not be obvious, an online MBA can provide a variety of  networking opportunities for students.  Networking is a crucial part of pursuing an MBA online; it provides students with the chance to connect virtually and in-person with alumni, peers, professors and faculty and real-world professionals in the business field. Provided below are more networking benefits from an online MBA program:

  • Peer Networking 
  • Industry Networking Events
  • Networking Workshops 
  • Career Search and Networking Skills Provided 
  • Local and Corporate Business Partnership Connections 
  • Networking Through Social Media and Group Projects 
  • Internship Opportunities 
  • Development of Soft Skills and Networking Etiquette


Furthermore, an online degree in business positions you for various leadership and management positions throughout your career. You will gain skills including strategic, data-driven decision-making, effective team leadership and management, complex business problem-solving and you may apply your new learning  in all fields of business including accounting, finance, marketing and economics.


On average, individuals with an MBA tend to earn higher salaries compared to their counterparts who do not have this business degree. Due to the specialized nature of an MBA, professionals hold skills that make them  top-tier candidates for the job market. Though hard work is a major factor, those with an MBA compared to a bachelor’s degree only, earn on average between a 22 percent and 40 percent higher starting salary. 

An MBA online will help spark innovation and provide knowledge you can add to your existing talents, ensuring it aligns with your future aspirations. 

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